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Dual station translational magnetic abrasive polishing machine GG1980

$10,000.00 $9,800.00

The company mainly produces: magnetic polishing machine, magnetic grinding machine, magnetic deburring machine, magnetic tumbling machine and other polishing machine equipment. Applicable to copper parts, aluminum parts, stainless steel parts, alloy parts and other types of metal parts of the surface treatment problems. One-time solution to polishing cleaning deburring and other post-processing problems. Remove the batch front, oil, welding spots, oxide layer, knife pattern, etc., no dead end bore, cross hole polishing and cleaning, does not affect the accuracy, do not hurt the workpiece.

Magnetic polishing machine polishing speed is fast, an average of 5-15 minutes polishing grinding. Metal workpiece after magnetic polishing grinding does not deform, does not affect the accuracy; magnetic polishing machine can be a one-time solution to the workpiece batch front, burr, chamfering, burr and other post-processing problems, saving time and effort.

Product description

External dimensions: 1980 * 720 * 1088
Grinding groove size: 1800 * 520mm (square barrel)
Power supply: AC380v
Motor power: 4kw * 2
Equipment weight: 580Kg
Grinding capacity: 40-60Kg
Operation mode: forward, reverse, and translation
Magnetic grinding steel needle: Made of imported SUS304 stainless steel, with a diameter of 0.2-2.0mm.
Grinding fluid: 100L
Motor speed: 1400 rpm
2 frequency converter control panels (Delta brand)


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