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Die casting parts to go Phi Feng method

Die casting plays an important role in modern manufacturing industry, is widely used in automobile, electronics, machinery and other industries. Die casting process can produce complex shape, high precision parts, but in the production process, the casting surface will often …
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How to polish automotive mechanical parts

Polishing of automotive mechanical parts is an important process step, which not only improves the surface quality of the parts, but also enhances their service life and corrosion resistance. In this article, we will introduce the methods and techniques of …
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The method of lathe parts polishing

In the machinery manufacturing industry, the quality of lathe parts directly affects the performance and service life of the whole equipment. And polishing as an important process to improve the surface quality of lathe parts, more and more attention by …
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How to polish thin wall brass tube

How to polish thin wall brass tube?As a high-quality tube, thin-walled brass tube is widely used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, refrigeration, HVAC and so on due to its good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and plasticity. However, it …
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