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Double station translational magnetic abrasive polishing machine GG2380

$13,000.00 $12,000.00

Guangu magnetic polishing machine equipment accessories: imported Siemens motor, imported Siemens inverter, N50H high temperature rubidium iron boron strong magnet

Magnetic polishing machine magnetic field distribution is uniform, high frequency rotary motion, polishing effect is more uniform, the object surface is smoother, can also achieve the cleaning effect. Magnetic grinding/magnetic polishing has no dead corner, so that all parts are completely ground.

Product description

External dimensions: 2380 * 720 * 1088
Grinding groove size: 2200 * 520mm (square barrel)
Power supply: AC380v (50 60HZ) 16A
Motor power: 5.5kw * 2
Equipment weight: 660Kg
Grinding capacity: 50-70Kg
Operation mode: forward, reverse, and translation
Magnetic grinding steel needle: 14kg, made of imported SUS304 stainless steel, with a diameter of 0.2-2.0mm.
Grinding fluid: 100L
Motor speed: 1400 rpm
2 frequency converter control panels (Delta brand)


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