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Grinding and polishing fluid

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Product description

Magnetic polishing abrasive fluid is a water-soluble polishing agent that does not contain any sulfur, chlorine, and phosphorus additives. It contains 90% water, has good cleaning, degreasing, rust prevention, and polishing properties, meets environmental standards, is non-toxic, and has high Factor of safety.

The dosage of polishing fluid is related to the size of the polishing machine and the brightness requirements of the workpiece product.

Usually, for copper and aluminum workpieces, “GG808” polishing fluid can be used;

Stainless steel workpieces can be polished with “GG2160” polishing solution;

Iron and steel parts with magnetic properties can be polished with “GG1060” polishing fluid.


Polishing fluids can be used for surface polishing of various materials, such as glass, ceramics and metals. According to different surface requirements and polishing purposes, different polishing fluids can be selected.

A brightener is a chemical substance that makes the surface of an object smooth and shiny. A brightener can be a lubricant, brightener or polish and can be used to treat a variety of materials and surfaces such as metals, plastics, wood, glass, ceramics and more. Brighteners have a wide range of applications and can be used in automotive care, furniture care, metalworking, plastics processing, glass processing and more. Different types of brighteners have different uses and characteristics, choosing the right brightener can achieve the best results.


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