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Polishing of copper products

Polishing of copper products is a common surface treatment process, in order to achieve low-cost and efficient results, the following methods can be used: In summary, through the selection of suitable polishing agent, the use of magnetic polishing machine, reasonable …
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Polishing and deburring methods for turning aluminum parts

The polishing and deburring methods for turning aluminum parts play an important role in improving production efficiency and product quality. This article will introduce specific methods for polishing and deburring turning aluminum parts, including process flow, required materials and equipment, …
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How to deburr metal gears

Burrs are a common issue found on metal gears after machining. These burrs can cause several problems, including premature wear of gear teeth and reduced gear efficiency. In this article, we will explore the best practices for deburring metal gears …
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Magnetic Polishing: The Secret to a Sparkling Surface

Have you ever wondered how magnetic polishing works? Magnetic polishing, also known as magnetic lapping, is a precision polishing process that uses the principles of magnetism to achieve ultra-smooth surfaces on various materials. In this article, we will explore the …
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