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Full-automatic pass-through magnetic polishing machine assembly line

Product description

Pass-through Magnetic Polishing Machine is a kind of equipment that utilizes magnetic abrasive and magnetic force to realize polishing and deburring of workpiece surface. It is usually used for the surface treatment of metal parts, which can improve the surface quality of the workpiece and enhance its aesthetic and protective properties.
Full-automatic pass-through magnetic polishing machine assembly line-Guangu Magnetic deburring machine

1.High degree of automation: pass-through magnetic polishing machine is usually designed as part of the production line to improve production efficiency.

2.Good polishing effect: Magnetic polishing machine can realize uniform polishing effect, and the workpiece is not damaged during the polishing process.

3.Wide range of application: it is suitable for surface polishing of various metal parts.

4.Easy to control: the polishing effect can be controlled by adjusting the speed, polishing time and other parameters.

Application field:

Pass-through magnetic polishing machine is widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, precision instruments, hardware tools, handicrafts and other industries for surface polishing treatment of various shafts, sets, blades, gears and other metal parts.


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