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Magnetic polishing machine GG8620

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Magnetic polishing machine is a kind of equipment used for surface treatment, its main function is to use the principle of magnetic attraction and abrasive grinding to remove the tiny unevenness of the surface of the material to be treated and improve the surface finish. Magnetic polishing machine can be used for surface treatment of various materials, such as metal, plastic, ceramics, glass, etc. It is especially suitable for complex shapes and easily deformed workpieces. Magnetic polishing machine has the following advantages:

Improve surface finish and achieve mirror effect.
Remove surface scratches and defects.
Remove burrs and chamfers.
Increase surface gloss.
Increase surface corrosion resistance.
Improve the fit and wear resistance of parts.
In short, magnetic polishing machine is a highly efficient surface treatment equipment that can improve the surface properties of materials and enhance their aesthetics and usability.

Product description

External dimensions: 740 * 620 * 1088
Grinding groove size: 450 * 450 (drum)
Power supply: AC380v (50 60HZ) 16A
Motor power: 3kw * 1
Equipment weight: 188Kg
Grinding capacity: 10-13Kg
Operation mode: forward and reverse
Magnetic grinding steel needle: 4kg, made of imported SUS304 stainless steel, with a diameter of 0.2-2.0mm.
Grinding fluid: 25L
Motor speed: 1400 rpm


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