Heat sink deburring and cleaning are important steps in maintaining heat sink performance. Use fine sandpaper or a grinding wheel to lightly deburr the surface of the heat sink. Be careful not to excessively wear or damage the fin surface.deburring and cleaning equipment

Using a deburring knife or a fine metal file, carefully deburr. Make sure the tool is sharp and moves smoothly along the surface of the heat sink to avoid scratching the surface.

Air Blow: Use compressed air or an air can to clean the fins. Make sure to use the proper distance when blowing with air to avoid damaging the heat sink or making dust adhere more firmly.
Washing: Soak the fins in warm water, you can add some mild detergent. Scrub the surface lightly with a soft brush, then rinse with clean water. Make sure not to introduce too much moisture into the interior of the heat sink during cleaning.

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Cleaning agent: You can use a special cooling fin cleaning agent and use it according to the product instructions. These cleaners are usually effective at removing grease, dust, and other grime. Whichever method you use, make sure the fins are not damaged during cleaning or deburring.

Magnetic grinding machine is a kind of equipment that uses magnetic field and magnetic abrasive particles for grinding and polishing, and can be used for polishing of high-speed steel. Here are the general steps to do it:

Make sure the magnetic grinder is clean and clean the surface of the disk to remove any impurities. Prepare magnetic abrasive particles, choose the appropriate particle size and type. Typically, coarser grits are used for initial polishing and then gradually transitioned to finer grits for polishing.

Prepare the HSS workpiece, making sure the surface is clean and free of any impurities and grease.
According to the size and shape of the workpiece, adjust the magnetic field of the magnetic grinding machine and the position of the disk so that the workpiece can be firmly fixed on the disk. Make sure the rotation speed of the magnetic grinder is appropriate, usually it needs to be adjusted according to the workpiece material and polishing requirements.

Place the high-speed steel workpiece on the disk, making sure that the workpiece is in good contact with the surface of the disk. Start the magnetic grinder and gradually increase the rotation speed to start the grinding process. Control the polishing time and grinding force to achieve the desired surface roughness and flatness. As needed, the abrasive particles can be replaced to gradually reduce the grinding force.

After polishing, stop the magnetic grinder and remove the workpiece. Remove abrasive residue from the surface of the workpiece and clean the workpiece to remove any impurities. Inspect the workpiece surface to ensure the desired finish has been achieved.

Please note that when using a magnetic grinding machine for polishing, it should be operated according to the specific workpiece requirements and the equipment operation manual. High-speed steel is a material with high hardness, so special attention should be paid to the selection of abrasives and the adjustment of operating parameters during the polishing process to avoid excessive grinding or other damage.