With the continuous development of industrial technology, stamping technology plays an important role in modern manufacturing. However, in the stamping process, some burrs or burr residues are often produced, which will have an adverse effect on the quality and performance of the product. In order to solve this problem, various deburring methods have been proposed, and one of the widely used technologies is a magnetic rolling and polishing machine.Application of Magnetic Rolling and Polishing Machine

Magnetic rolling and polishing machine is a special equipment for removing burrs from stamping parts by using magnetic force and friction force. It is mainly composed of fuselage, electromagnetic system, abrasive roller and so on. Its working principle is to generate a strong magnetic field through the electromagnetic system, adsorb the abrasive roller on the surface of the stamping part, and then remove the burr by rolling friction.

Application of Magnetic Rolling and Polishing Machine in Deburring of Stamping Parts-Guangu Magnetic deburring machine

Compared with the traditional deburring method, the magnetic rolling and polishing machine has the following significant advantages. First of all, it can remove burrs efficiently and improve the quality and appearance of products. Since the magnetic tumbling machine uses magnetic force to attract the abrasive roller, it can achieve comprehensive deburring of the entire stamping part surface, including small depressions and internal holes that are difficult to reach.

Secondly, the technology is simple to operate, does not require tedious manual operations, and reduces labor costs and labor intensity. Just put the stamping parts into the machine, set the appropriate parameters, and the machine can automatically complete the deburring process.

Again, the magnetic rolling throwing machine has good adaptability and reliability. Stampings of different shapes, sizes and materials can be processed by adjusting the parameters of the abrasive drum and the magnetic system. At the same time, the magnetic rolling throwing machine has simple structure, low maintenance cost, long life and stable operation characteristics.