Magnetic deburring machine is mainly used for removing burr, burr edge, batch edge, oxidized film and sintering marks on the surface of metal workpieces. It is widely used in aerospace, medical equipment, military industry, optoelectronics, electronics, computers, communication parts, CNC parts, automatic lathe parts, precision stamping parts, precision die casting parts, powder metallurgy parts, fasteners and other industries.What burrs can be removed by a magnetic deburring machine?

What burrs can be removed by a magnetic deburring machine?-Guangu Magnetic deburring machine

Magnetic deburring machine can remove the following workpiece burrs:What burrs can be removed by a magnetic deburring machine?

  1. burrs generated during processing: burrs formed by metal chips, fragments and other residues caused by cutting, grinding, drilling and other operations during metal processing.
  2. welding burr: metal welding process, burrs near the weld, mainly including welding slag, welding scar and weld protrusion.
  3. casting burr: metal casting process, due to the molten metal solidification, contraction and other factors resulting in burrs and welding slag, etc..
  4. Stamping burr: metal stamping process, due to the mold and punch force produced by the burr, mainly including plate edge burr, hole burr and bending burr.
  5. surface treatment burr: metal surface treatment process, such as polishing, sandblasting and other operations resulting in burrs.
  6. Assembly burrs: burrs caused by friction and abrasion between parts in the process of component assembly.
  7. Handling burrs: burrs caused by friction, collision, etc. during the handling and storage of metal workpieces.

Different types of burrs will have different degrees of impact on the performance and appearance of the workpiece, so it is necessary to take appropriate deburring methods to deal with.