The round tube polishing machine is a kind of mechanical equipment , which is specially used for polishing and grinding the surface of the round tube. It usually consists of one or more rotating buffing wheels and an electric motor to control the speed and trajectory of the wheels. The round tube polishing machine can be used to process the round tube surface of different materials, such as metal, plastic, ceramic, stone and glass. round tube polishing machine and magnetic polishing machine

It can efficiently, accurately and uniformly polish and grind the surface of the round tube, so that the surface of the round tube can reach the expected roughness and smoothness. Round tube polishing machines are widely used in the fields of round tube production and processing in petroleum, natural gas, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Tube polishing machines and magnetic polishing machines are both mechanical equipment for surface polishing and grinding, but their working principles and application fields are different .

The working principle is different: the circular tube polishing machine achieves surface polishing and grinding by rotating the polishing wheel and applying pressure to the sample, while the magnetic polishing machine uses a magnetic field to control the movement of abrasive particles on the surface of the sample to achieve surface polishing and grinding.

Different application fields: round tube polishing machines are usually used to process the surface of round tubes, such as the production and processing of round tubes in industries such as petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry, food and medicine. The magnetic polishing machine is more suitable for processing small, thin-walled, and thin-film samples, such as semiconductor devices and precision mechanical parts.

The difference between round tube polishing machine and magnetic polishing machine-Guangu Magnetic deburring machine

The polishing effect is different: the round tube polishing machine is suitable for surface polishing and grinding that requires high precision and flatness, and can achieve a very high polishing effect, but the speed is relatively slow. While the magnetic polishing machine can quickly remove material, but the polishing accuracy and flatness are relatively low.

The polishing method is different: the polishing method of the round tube polishing machine is mechanical collision grinding, which needs to use abrasive grains or polishing sheets for surface polishing and grinding; while the polishing method of the magnetic polishing machine is to control the trajectory of the abrasive grains in the magnetic field. There is no need to use substances such as polishing pads or abrasive grains for surface polishing and grinding.