Polishing of copper products is a common surface treatment process, in order to achieve low-cost and efficient results, the following methods can be used:

Polishing of copper products-Guangu Magnetic deburring machine
Magnetic polishing machine for metal parts matte finish
  1. Selection of suitable polishing agent: according to the surface requirements of copper products, select the appropriate polishing agent. For copper products, liquid polishing agent is usually used, such as abrasive paste, polishing liquid and so on. Liquid polishing agent can form a layer of lubricating film on the surface of the workpiece, reduce the friction coefficient in the polishing process, and improve the polishing effect.
  2. The use of magnetic polishing machine: magnetic polishing machine adopts the principle of magnetic field adsorption, so that the abrasive close to the surface of the workpiece for polishing, with high efficiency, stability, easy to operate and other advantages. The use of magnetic polishing machine for polishing copper products can improve polishing efficiency and reduce costs.
  3. Reasonable adjustment of polishing parameters: according to the material, shape and size of copper products, reasonable adjustment of magnetic polishing machine parameters, such as polishing speed, abrasive grain size, polishing time, etc.. Appropriate polishing parameters can improve the polishing effect and reduce the cost of polishing.
  4. Adopt circulating water cooling and filtration: In the polishing process, circulating water is used for cooling and filtration to maintain the cleanliness and concentration of the polishing solution. This can effectively remove polishing dust and wastewater, reduce environmental pollution, while reducing the frequency of replacement of the polishing solution, saving costs.
  5. Post-polishing treatment: After polishing is completed, subsequent treatment of copper products, such as cleaning, drying, passivation and so on. These treatments can remove the workpiece surface oil, oxides, etc., to improve the corrosion resistance of the products, reduce the subsequent use of maintenance costs.
  6. Regular maintenance and overhaul of equipment: in order to ensure the efficient operation of the magnetic polishing machine, the equipment should be maintained and overhauled on a regular basis, such as replacing worn parts, checking the motor and transmission components. This can avoid the loss of production stoppage caused by equipment failure and reduce the cost of polishing.

In summary, through the selection of suitable polishing agent, the use of magnetic polishing machine, reasonable adjustment of polishing parameters, the use of circulating water cooling and filtration, post-polishing treatment and regular maintenance and overhaul of the equipment and other measures, you can realize the low-cost, high-efficiency polishing of copper products.