Magnetic polishing machine is a use of electromagnetic force conduction to the stainless steel needle, generating high-speed jump flow, adjusting the head and other actions, in the workpiece bore, dead ends, friction on the surface of the seam, a one-time high efficiency to achieve the polishing, cleaning deburring and other precision grinding effect of the equipment.Magnetic polishing machine for metal parts matte finish. For the matte finish of metal parts, magnetic polishing machine has the following applications:

Magnetic polishing machine for metal parts matte finish-Guangu Magnetic deburring machine
Magnetic polishing machine for metal parts matte finish
  1. Remove burrs: In the metal processing process, due to the use of tools or cutting fluid, burrs may be formed on the metal surface, affecting the surface quality and use of metal parts. Magnetic polisher can effectively remove burrs and improve the surface quality of the parts.
  2. Surface corrosion treatment: the metal surface is susceptible to oxidation, the formation of a layer of oxide, affecting the aesthetics of the metal surface and corrosion resistance. polishing machine can deal with surface corrosion, improve the corrosion resistance of metal parts.
  3. Finished surface polishing: polishing machine can polish the surface of metal parts, so that its finish reaches matte effect, improve the appearance of the product quality.
  4. Cleaning and washing work: Magnetic polishing machine can clean the surface of the workpiece during the polishing process, remove oil, dust and other impurities, so that the surface of the metal parts is clean and tidy.
  5. Remove the oxidized film: magnetic polishing machine can effectively remove the oxidized film on the metal surface without damaging the surface shape of the workpiece and improve the service life of metal parts.

To sum up, the polishing machine has a good effect on the matte finish of metal parts, which can improve the surface quality, aesthetics and usability of the parts. Applicable to jewelry crafts, hard plastics, plastics, automatic lathe parts, CNC machining parts, die-casting, stamping parts, springs, shrapnel parts, electronics and other industries.