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Polishing of copper products

Polishing of copper products is a common surface treatment process, in order to achieve low-cost and efficient results, the following methods can be used: In summary, through the selection of suitable polishing agent, the use of magnetic polishing machine, reasonable …
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What burrs can be removed by a magnetic deburring machine?

Magnetic deburring machine is mainly used for removing burr, burr edge, batch edge, oxidized film and sintering marks on the surface of metal workpieces. It is widely used in aerospace, medical equipment, military industry, optoelectronics, electronics, computers, communication parts, CNC …
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What polishing machine is used for stainless steel parts?

Stainless steel parts are widely used in modern industrial production, and they are usually used to manufacture key parts of various equipment, such as medical devices, automotive spare parts, industrial equipment and so on. In these application scenarios, the surface …
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Magnetic polishing machine for metal parts matte finish

Magnetic polishing machine is a use of electromagnetic force conduction to the stainless steel needle, generating high-speed jump flow, adjusting the head and other actions, in the workpiece bore, dead ends, friction on the surface of the seam, a one-time …
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